Episode 24: Where art is made


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about Sabrina's trip to a perfect farm and the features of a good creative space. 

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Show Notes: 

1. Everwood Farmstead HERE

2. Everwood Farms workshop leader Lynn Tanaka's website HERE.  

3. Grand Designs episode about building rooms in trees. 

Tell us about where you make art.

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Episode 23: The worst painting you can possibly make


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about some of their favorite art projects and assignments. 

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Show Notes: 

1. This tomato. 


2. Trent's "paintings I don't want to make". For this series I made a list of all the things I didn't want to paint and tried to fit as many of them into each painting as I could. The "stallion, sunset, single backlit wave" one is my favorite. 

Tell us some of your favorite art projects.

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Contact Trent here. 

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Episode 22: A Bow to Brené


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about getting started, getting in the arena, and about how much they like Brené Brown. 

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Show Notes: 

1. How to type "é" on Mac. To get the accent over the "e" you type "option"+"e" and the type "e". HERE is a list of other accent recipes for Mac

2. The following are two of our favorite Brené Brown videos. There are others on YouTube that are also worth watching. 

3. Brené Brown's most recent book and audio book. 

4. Some other great audio programs. 


Episode 21: Coconuts and Containers - Things That Make Us Happy


Summary: Trent and Sabrina take a moment to share some of the things that bring happiness. 

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Show Notes: 

1. Cruising Music:

2. Trent's minivan - perfect cruising machine 

3. Trentonreynolds.com "Book of Rick" series of paintings 

4. Art supplies Sabrina is happy about 

5. Art supplies Trent is happy about

6. The Container Store

7. Trent's container solution for miscellaneous screws 


11. Recipe for Chicken Adobo

12. Whole 30 information

13. Sabrina's excellent coffee substitute

14. Trader Joe's coconut options you really need to try

(At Costco)


Episode 20: The House of Lloyd


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk with artist and teacher David Lloyd. 

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2. Temporary boob tattoo proudly worn as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. 


Episode 19: I don't know what I'm doing


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about internal voices and not knowing what to do. 

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Show Notes: 

1. What you should do if you find a fallen baby squirrel according to Wildlife Rescue HERE.

2. A squirrel rescue success story found this week on Instagram.

3. Sabrina's cross-fit list. 

4. Demonstration piece for Trent's "mixed media portrait" class. Work in progress. 

Beginning stages of the mixed media portrait we talk about in episode 19

A photo posted by A new podcast (@roominthetrees) on

Mixed media portrait project work in progress - talked about in episode 19. This is an image of my daughter.

A photo posted by A new podcast (@roominthetrees) on

5. Work Sabrina made in the gallery last week. 

Tell us about your internal voices or your experiences with not knowing. 


What do you do when you're listening to Room in the Trees? 


Episode 18: Breathe


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk to Vayu Odonnell, a talented actor and long time friend of Sabrina. 

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Page from Messy Thrilling Life. The front door to the apartment in NYC.

Page from Messy Thrilling Life. The front door to the apartment in NYC.

Page from Messy Thrilling Life. 

Page from Messy Thrilling Life


Episode 17: Know it - Part 2


Summary: Sabrina reads some passages from her first book, "Spilling Open".

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Show Notes: 

1. Pages from , "Spilling Open". Check them out on Etsy


3. Quote of the week. 


Episode 16: Know it - Part 1


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about what they know.  

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Show Notes: 

1. Two books Trent refers to: 

2. From Sabrina's 1997 journal: 




Summary: Sabrina and Trent discuss some of their favorite things.

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A couple of Trent's favorite things: 

Some of Sabrina's favorite things: 

1a. Aziz Ansari's Madison Square Garden Standup Comedy special is on Netflix. 
1b. Some screenshots of the subtitles from Aziz's special mistakenly paired to a nature documentary can be seen HERE. (Contains explicit language). 

2. The apartment project in Madison Wisconsin. 

3. Klarbrunn (lime) sparkling mineral water. 

Tilapia pronunciation guide:  ti·la·pia  \tə-ˈlä-pē-ə, -ˈlā-\


Episode 15: Mealiffe


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk to Karen Ring Mealiffe, the high school art teacher who in many ways formed the foundation of the room in the trees. 

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Show Notes: 

1. Karen Ring Mealiffe 

2. Yearbook treasures from 93 & 94

3. Examples of Mealiffe's artwork:  

4. Definition of duff: The buttocks or rump.

5. Highly rare object from Mealiffe's private collection:

Artist: Trenton Reynolds

Artist: Trenton Reynolds


6. From Sabrina's 92' & 93' darkroom play list: 


Episode 14: Textured Stuff


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about stuff - generally and specifically about 600 pounds of stuff that arrived recently in Madison Wisconsin. 

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Show Notes: 

1. George Carlin standup about stuff.

2. 600 lbs.

600 pounds.

A video posted by A new podcast (@roominthetrees) on


3. From the set of "There She Goes".

4. Sabrina is in this video. And check out all the artwork. 

4. Kerry James Marshall paints on drop cloths. 

5. Leon Golub painted on drop cloths. 

6. You will notice most of these bed-raising cinder block solutions show the blocks laying flat. We put ours vertical. Because.  


Episode 13: Social Creatures


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk to Daniel Franklin, Founder and President of Franklin Educational Services Inc. who is also a life-long artist. 

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Show Notes:

1. Read more about Daniel Franklin and his learning center at franklined.com

2. The Social Neural Science of Education. 



I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou


5. This video will make you happy (HERE). 

6. Sabrina's large custom "wall pages". So cool.