"How do you live a full and creative life?
What is your life’s purpose?
Whatever questions you have, Sabrina’s workshops will help you to find the answers. Sabrina’s workshops aren’t just about art techniques. Her workshops are about how to listen to your soul.  Sabrina will help you to unearth your unique voice and to find the particular, creative path that is only meant for you.
Before Sabrina’s June 2014 workshop, I had been wanting to write a book, but the process had been a multi-year struggle. But at Sabrina’s workshop, I discovered the thesis for my book! For the four days after the workshop, the ideas poured out of me and I filled 89 four by six index cards of ideas. These initial ideas helped me to finish and publish my book within two years of Sabrina’s workshop.
Sabrina’s workshops are truly life-changing and self-empowering."
- Jenny Messerle

author of I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace      

Seattle and Portland workshops 2014


The retreat will take place where I live, in the William/Marquette neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin. September is absolutely gorgeous here!  This location is walking distance from the state Capital. And last but not least, there are wonderful bike paths, small, quiet parks and beaches* I friggin love the calm of this city ;) 

The class is limited to 6 participants, allowing for individualized, one-on-one time.  Registration for the class is $1,200 which can be made into 2 payments of $600.

We will meet from 6:30~8:30 p.m. on Friday and 10:30 to 5 p.m.on Saturday and Sunday.  Included is Friday night dessert, catered lunches on Saturday and Sunday, beverages and snacks throughout the 3 daysWe will also take a 1-1/2 hour leisurely, smooth pontoon ride around Lake Mondona . Supplies will be provided, participants are welcome to bring along some of their own special supplies.

Accommodations not included. There are plenty of hotels and AirBnB options nearby.

We will create a private Facebook group for participants to share and connect over the next few months or so if they would like.  I will share more details and address and directions there.  

This will be such a special time. I very much look forward to welcoming you to my home turf. xo


As a non-professional creative person, I attended the True Living Project without prior artistic training. It is a sublimely permissive, restorative, and inspiring experience, whether or not you have any background in art. Sabrina worked tirelessly to engage with everyone equally and to share intimate details of her creative process. She crafted the perfect blend of relaxation and activity to get the creative juices flowing. The small group size kept the experiences intimate and authentic: by the end of the weekend I felt as though Sabrina had given us a small True Living Experience family. Sabrina modeled vulnerability and authenticity, enabling all members of the group to fully share, connect, and engage in a supportive environment.

Sometimes I struggle with getting out of my own way, and stepping outside the spin-cycle of my own mind. One of my major take-aways from the True Living Experience was how Sabrina’s teachings on the creative process applied to areas of my life outside of the making of art: I returned feeling more present in my daily life and my relationships. I learned to allow the moment that I’m experiencing to unfold before me without trying to manipulate it to meet an internal agenda. This alone was a priceless gift: to my work, my relationships, as well as the products of my creative effort. The True Living Experience helped me recognize and shift the creative blocks that my habit of over-thinking had placed in the way of my own joy. I am forever grateful to the wonderful women who attended and to Sabrina for holding such beautiful space for us all.
— Allison, True Living Experience Madison June 2-4th 2017


Sabrina Harrison

Sabrina is the creator of 5 groundbreaking published books; the first one, Spilling Open, was published when she was 23. She has gone onto publish, Brave on the Rocks, Messy Thrilling Life, The True and The Questions and The Story is Happening.

Sabrina was born in Montreal Canada and moved to California with her family at 9. She went onto study photography and graphic design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

She has taught creativity worldwide for 2 decades with a belief she holds strong to, that, "we must create what we most need to find" 

After fantastic years in Northern California and New York City, She is currently exploring the midwest in the wonderful city of Madison Wisconsin, which reminds her of her childhood in Canada.



Sold out

Sold out


Payment Plan: 
With the payment plan a deposit of $600 reserves your seat and the remaining balance is due one month before you come. To use the payment plan enter Madison2017 as a promo code during checkout.