Episode 3: Sounds Woo Woo


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Show notes: 

1. Hippie Christmas is an event in Madison Wisconsin that proves Sabrina has found her people. Read more HERE.

2. There was a near fatal wicker injury in Sabrina's family since this episode was recorded. Be careful out there. Wicker is for real.  

3. Sabrina's wicker chair.

@roominthetrees @madison.com

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4. Shower thoughts HERE.

5. I was wrong the Ed Ruscha video I was thinking of was not Art 21. Here it is. 

6. Gap Jeans. I wear standard cut. This exact pair of pants. I would wear these pants all day everyday for the rest of my life if I could do it without feeling judged. I don't look as good as this guy in these jeans. 


7. My boots are from Red Wing. Not my favorite but no major complaints. 

8. Speaking of podcasts, one podcast the both Sabrina and I listen to is Off Camera with Sam Jones

9. Audio books: 


10. Rauschenberg new how to use stuff. HERE

11. Dog commission.  

#RIT podcast episode 3 is up. This the the dog portrait I mention.

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12. Inspirations is an excellent documentary about creative process HERE

13. Sabrina commission. 

14. Sabrina from Room in the Trees.