Episode 5: The Roberts Connection


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Show notes: 

1. Tom Petty Wildflowers. 

2. If you haven't listened to Pearl Jam and Nirvana in a while - now is the time to revisit. 
3. Read up on Chrysanthemum Tea HERE.
4. U2 - Bad.

5. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

6. Here are some pictures of 90's mix tapes on Pinterest and Google Images.
7. Neighbor Ted's gourd cello (video is coming).
8. History of the average price of housing in Madison Wisconsin (no data before 1989 is available) HERE.
9. Assignment: post a video of your favorite song from high school to Instagram with #roominthetrees.
10. Brent's Soundcloud account for Venter's Stag Motel HERE