Episode 4: Boundaries


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Show notes: 

1. Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac Podcast can be found HERE.

2. Listen to Mary Oliver's poem Leaves and Blossoms Along the Way HERE  (poem starts at 2:27 read by Garrison Keillor) 

3. Ann Lamot quote this episode: " No" is a complete sentence". 


4. Spilling Open is Sabrina's first book. 


5. Anise Ninn's Journals. 


6. Frederick Buchner quote from this episode: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”


7. So this is what an artichoke field looks like HERE.

8. "I think I am a good leader as far as a fort builder...". This is Trent's favorite line from this episode. Your assignment is to post a pic to Instagram of you in the fort you are leader of. Hashtag it roominthetrees or rit