Episode 19: I Don't Know What I'm Doing


Summary: Sabrina and Trent talk about internal voices and not knowing what to do. 

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Show Notes: 

1. What you should do if you find a fallen baby squirrel according to Wildlife Rescue HERE.

2. A squirrel rescue success story found this week on Instagram.

3. Sabrina's cross-fit list. 

4. Demonstration piece for Trent's "mixed media portrait" class. Work in progress. 

Beginning stages of the mixed media portrait we talk about in episode 19

A photo posted by A new podcast (@roominthetrees) on

Mixed media portrait project work in progress - talked about in episode 19. This is an image of my daughter.

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5. Work Sabrina made in the gallery last week. 

Tell us about your internal voices or your experiences with not knowing. 


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